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PDA North Central Texas Has a New Office!

The new Cleburne (Texas) office of Progressive Democrats, Indivisibles, et al., needs a bit more furniture, a good dusting, and maybe some drapes, but as of December 20, the office at 204 S. Main Street is up and running as the headquarters of PDA North Central Texas and allied groups. We had a productive planning session for a fundraiser (to help pay the office rent) and for a voter-registration drive (to get Democrats and Progressives to the polls!).

More details to come re: a soon-to-be-announced Open House. It’s happening, y’all! #TurnTexasBlue

Find us online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PDA.NCTX/

PDA North Central Texas / Community Service

PDA NCTX to Host Free Taillight Clinic

Texas Progressives to replace burned-out brake lights as a service to the community

PDA North Central TexasCleburne, Texas — The Cleburne-based North Central Texas chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA NCTX) will host a free Brake Light Clinic on Saturday, December 9, at La Flor de Michoacan Paleteria, 1214 E. Henderson. PDA volunteers will be replacing burned-out or broken brake lights and taillights from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., completely free of charge for labor and parts.

Broken or burned-out taillights often result in traffic stops, which can be life-altering for undocumented immigrants and people of color. And for anyone on a tight budget, expensive tickets and automotive repairs can be devastating. Local Progressive Democrats have organized this free community event in the spirit of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”

“For some members of our community, getting pulled over because of a burned-out brake light can potentially turn into a hazardous interaction with law enforcement,” said Kat Sanders, PDA NCTX chapter leader. “And here at the holidays, no one needs an expensive traffic ticket on top of other year-end expenses. We want to help our neighbors drive safely, avoid the hassle and risk of a traffic stop, and save money.”

Anyone in need of a taillight or brake-light replacement is welcome to contact PDA NCTX at info@pda-nctx.org, giving the make and model of their vehicle to ensure the group has the correct bulb(s) on hand. However, no appointment is necessary. Volunteers will have a wide variety of standard replacement lights available, and will help anyone who shows up at the event. Knowledgeable volunteers will also be demonstrating to interested motorists how to change their own taillights.

The Free Taillight Clinic was inspired by a similar event hosted by the New Orleans chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), during which more than 50 taillights were replaced. The idea has spread nationwide, with other groups such as PDA NCTX adapting it to provide local community service.


If you would like more information about this event, please contact PDA NCTX at info@pda-nctx.org.

PDA-CenTex: Chapter Activities

PDA-CenTex: Chapter Activities

PDA-CenTex: Chapter Activities

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

PDA-CenTex: Chapter Activities

3/8/16: Exploratory Meeting: Austin, with Donna Smith in Austin. Local Progressive leaders in attendance (15).

3/19/16: Manned booth at Texas Democratic Party Convention: San Antonio; signed up 50 prospects for PDA membership Statewide.

12/10/16: Participated in informal meeting: ReBoot Texas.

12/23/16: Charter issued to PDA-CenTex

12/29/16: First Meeting of PDA-CenTex leadership : adopted goals and objectives; PDA-CenTex Facebook up and running; Decided to sponsor training course for young future leaders, “Winning 101.”

1/14/17: Attended Our Revolution Meeting: Austin: distributed flyers for Winning 101; attended Yeller Dawgs meeting re Health Care issues; sent photo to PDA

1/21/17: Attended, co-sponsored, manned booth and marched, at Women’s March, Austin: 50,000 + in attendance. Met with Democratic Party Chair, Midland, Texas and party activist from Odessa, Texas, re: PDA future chapter.

1/23/17: Conference call with Mike Fox re: Keith Ellison: DNC meeting in Houston on 1/28/17

1/24/17: Chapter Meeting: Welcomed new member to leadership team; decided on two new leaders to invite to leadership team; updated on Winning 101 training course set for 2/25-26/17 in Austin. Prepared draft course outline and schedule. Chapter Leader attended local meeting of American Constitution Society meeting, announced Winning 101 course, distributed flyers.

1/26/17: Conference call with Mike Fox re: Houston event on 1/28/17.

1/28/17: Chapter Leader will attend and lead Houston meeting for PDA.

Lou McCreary, Chapter Leader

(512) 589-1496 loumccreary@yahoo.com lou@pda-centex.org




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