PDA California

Cities for the People

Cities for the People

San Francisco Progressive Democrats of America

Presents a free public forum

Cities for the People 

How progressives in San Francisco and Barcelona are promoting reforms to benefit low- and middle-income residents
San Francisco Propositions C and D — propose additional taxes on commercial rental property, but for competing purposes: child care and education (Prop C) vs. housing and homelessness services (Prop. D). Sandee Blechman, Executive Director of the Children’s Council of San Francisco, and Anthony Rodriguez, outreach coordinator of the “Yes on D” campaign, will present arguments in favor of the respective ballot measures.
Barcelona en Comú —In a world where capitalist globalization is increasing its control over the lives of ordinary people, Barcelona is the great exception that could be a model for progressives everwhere. In 2014, the popular feminist-led movement, “Barcelona en Comú” (Barcelona in Common) took power and began an ambitious program of reforming the local institutions and creating a thriving Peace Economy.
This forum will feature a report and slide show by Shirley Golub, vice-chair and secretary of PDA-San Francisco (and co-founder of the new PAC PDA-CA), who recently visited Barcelona with CodePink.
PLUS Mayoral Candidate Amy Farah Weiss presents “A To-Do list for San Francisco’s next Mayor”

Thursday, May 24,  7:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin St. (corner of Geary Blvd.) San Francisco – Chapel

Wheelchair accessible • Snacks and beverages served



San Diego California Metro Chapter

San Diego California Metro Chapter

San Diego California Metro Chapter

By Mike Thaller, Chapter Leader – PDA San Diego Metro – Progressive Democrats of America

The San Diego California Metro Chapter was founded just over 10 years ago by Judy Hess and has been meeting almost every month since then except Decembers. Our meetings start off with reports from the issue teams and we hear from our letter droppers. We have 5 Congressional Districts 3 Democratic and 2 Republican.

In the last year or so we have had some phenomenal speakers; most in person – some via SKYPE including…

  • Donna Smith (What’s happening with PDA?)
  • DNC members (How the DNC is organized and where you fit in)
  • Officers of the State Democratic Party (What to expect at the Philadelphia Convention)
  • The Chair of the County Democratic Party (How to run for office)
  • Filmmaker David Braun (Anti-Fracking)
  • The San Diego County Clerk (Election Integrity)
  • The Executive Director of San Diego CAIR (counsel on American-Islamic Relations)
  • Col. Douglas Applegate (Running against Daryl Issa)
  • Talk Radio Host Norman Goldman (resist Trump)
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (a guy running for President.)

3 of our members helped out at the PDA event at the Musicians Union Hall in Los Angeles March 29, 2015 to encourage Bernie Sanders to run for President.

We have roughly 40-60 members attend our meetings. Approximately 12 of our members were delegates to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

We had two teams of Light Brigades that had Lit Bernie Sanders Signs on overpasses of major San Diego freeways.

We held several fund-raisers for the Bernie effort including ”Beers for Bernie” where we met at various breweries and had people pitch in the cost of a beer for every beer they drank.

We did a “Selfies with Sanders” with a cardboard cutout of Bernie at San Diego ComicCon. There were about 200,000 people at ComicCon from all around the country and at least 200 of them took selfies and our flyers.


PDA Fresno Chapter – Central Valley-Sierra Progressives

PDA Fresno Chapter – Central Valley-Sierra Progressives

PDA Fresno Chapter – Central Valley-Sierra Progressives

By Judy Hess, Associate Director – Field Operations – Progressive Democrats of America

PDA Fresno Chapter – Central Valley-Sierra Progressives

Our PDA Chapter in Fresno celebrated its 5th Anniversary on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

In these 5 years, we have done quite a lot, but we need and want to do more!

As we invited members to our birthday party, we reflected,

Some of our Accomplishments in these years:

  • We’ve had 58 PDA Meetings
  • We’ve hand-delivered 198 letters to Senators and Members of Congress
  • We’ve helped elect, re-elect, and brought or are bringing 38 PDA Chapter Members as Delegates from our Assembly District (AD-23,) and this year, the Executive Board Representative to the California Convention on the Progressive Slate – (3 election cycles now!)
  • We brought a team, participated, enjoyed, and helped with PDA’s 2 fundraisers in Beverly Hills
  • Our volunteer teams had great conversations at Mimi Kennedy‘s home, at the sleepovers there, with the likes of Mimi herself, our own late Tim CarpenterConor Boylan, John Nichols of the Nation Magazine, Thom HartmannJim Hightower, and other great minds
  • We sent a volunteer team to Los Angeles for our event at the Musicians Union, March 29, 2015 – the culmination of PDA’s efforts to recruit Senator Bernie Sanders to run for President (he said that event helped put him over the top)
  • We helped elect 2 Chapter Members as Delegates for Bernie to Philadelphia from California’s 22nd Congressional District – Yamina Roland and Bill Hess
  • Worked and volunteered at PDA’s Progressive Central in Philadelphia and Washington DC.
  • We organized our Election Integrity team locally, after the CA Primary, observed for hours and days the processing of ballots, and this general election, got the Secretary of State to require our Registrar of Voters to change the date of the random selection of precincts to conform with law
  • Participated in any number of marches and demonstrations, including the Climate Marches in Oakland and Philadelphia, and the Women’s March in Fresno, where a record 2,000 people participated
  • We’ve seen numerous documentary films, educating us on the issues of Healthcare for AllEconomic and Social JusticeStop Global Warming, and other pressing issues

We can and will do more! We aim to be more closely allied with our Issue Organizing Teams, participating in the calls.

In California, we are working with the Campaign for a Healthy California to pass legislation for single payer (Medicare For All) health care in our state NOW!

We aim to be more closely allied with our friends in local progressive organizations and in labor.

Our next 5 years promise to be eventful, particularly in light of the new paradigm in Washington. We expect protest and RESISTANCE to mark our stance.




Bill Honigman

PDA State Coordinator

Gary Karnes

PDA Monterey Area

Troy Corley

Ventura County PDA

Hae Min Cho

PDA San Francisco

Shirley Golub

PDA Oakland Chapter Leader


Central Valley-Sierra Progressives (Fresno)

Dennis White

PDA Inland Empire - Riverside

Jody Isenberg

PDA Inland Empire - San Bernardino

Teresa Priem

PDA San Fernando Valley

Mike Goldman

PDA San Fernando Valley

Bill Honigman

Orange County

Carolyn Krause

PDA Desert Chapter

Michael Thaller

PDA Metro San Diego

Natalie Higley

Lake County PDA

Alan Minsky

PDA Los Angeles

Dorothy Reik

PD of Santa Monica Mountains