Welcome to the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats

Feb 24, 2017

The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats focus on fighting the corrupt conservative machine that has taken over the Rhode Island Democratic Party. Unafraid, we fight Democrats who oppose a woman’s right to choose, take NRA endorsements, passed voter ID, hand out hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate welfare, and slashed taxes for the wealthiest Rhode Islanders in one of the biggest income tax cuts for the rich that any state has passed in American history. How do we wage this battle?

First and foremost, we primary bad Democrats. We recruit progressive Democrats to unseat machine conservatives. We hold conservatives who break the law accountable, like when we got the NRA shut down for campaign finance violations until they paid the second highest campaign finance penalty in state history. We run grassroots issue advocacy campaigns to stop bad legislation. We educate politicians and the media about progressive issues. Most importantly, we fight to build the movement and grow progressive power.