San Diego California Metro Chapter

Feb 24, 2017

By Mike Thaller, Chapter Leader – PDA San Diego Metro – Progressive Democrats of America

The San Diego California Metro Chapter was founded just over 10 years ago by Judy Hess and has been meeting almost every month since then except Decembers. Our meetings start off with reports from the issue teams and we hear from our letter droppers. We have 5 Congressional Districts 3 Democratic and 2 Republican.

In the last year or so we have had some phenomenal speakers; most in person – some via SKYPE including…

  • Donna Smith (What’s happening with PDA?)
  • DNC members (How the DNC is organized and where you fit in)
  • Officers of the State Democratic Party (What to expect at the Philadelphia Convention)
  • The Chair of the County Democratic Party (How to run for office)
  • Filmmaker David Braun (Anti-Fracking)
  • The San Diego County Clerk (Election Integrity)
  • The Executive Director of San Diego CAIR (counsel on American-Islamic Relations)
  • Col. Douglas Applegate (Running against Daryl Issa)
  • Talk Radio Host Norman Goldman (resist Trump)
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (a guy running for President.)

3 of our members helped out at the PDA event at the Musicians Union Hall in Los Angeles March 29, 2015 to encourage Bernie Sanders to run for President.

We have roughly 40-60 members attend our meetings. Approximately 12 of our members were delegates to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

We had two teams of Light Brigades that had Lit Bernie Sanders Signs on overpasses of major San Diego freeways.

We held several fund-raisers for the Bernie effort including ”Beers for Bernie” where we met at various breweries and had people pitch in the cost of a beer for every beer they drank.

We did a “Selfies with Sanders” with a cardboard cutout of Bernie at San Diego ComicCon. There were about 200,000 people at ComicCon from all around the country and at least 200 of them took selfies and our flyers.



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